My Life

Swamp Poster

When I was a little kid (maybe 2 or 3) I found an old poster on a canvas (so it looked like a painting) in the basement of my house. It wasn’t my mom’s or my dad’s, we don’t know who from the previous owners it belonged to, and weren’t sure to ask because the house was empty for several years before my parents moved in. It was just… there.

I was fascinated with this picture; it was the shape of a woman is a swamp, and it looked as if she had been transformed into a tree becoming part of the swamp itself. I thought to myself “She must have been trying to escape something or someone in the swamp”. It might sound dumb, but my ideas of what this painting could mean were some of my first “stories” I ever made up. The only reason I don’t still have it is because I gave it away to a woman I knew. She owned a sort of antique shop, and knew I loved to go in and look at everything, so she would give my mom little trinkets to give to me sometimes. At one point she had to close the shop, and I wanted to give her something to say thanks. She had a lot of stuff she personally liked that was similar to the swamp lady picture, so I gave her that when I was about 6 or 7. Several years later she passed away.


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