My Life

My Family And I Have Decided To Disown My Brother

Well, I decided for them.

My brother is a little shit. I don’t live with them anymore but ever since he was born he has been the anti-christ. He twice my size, probably bigger than that actually and just the rudest little shit there could ever be.

On his 5th birthday, he got a card in the mail and he wouldn’t let me read it, I didn’t give a shit, it’s a fucking card. So I went to the kitchen counter and did my homework, my mother was in the kitchen “cooking.” Next thing you know, the little shit comes in to the kitchen crying, saying that I ripped his birthday card in half. I was grounded for 3 fucking months. I was only 9 and I wasn’t anywhere near his room because I was in the kitchen doing homework where my mother fucking was too.

When he was 15, he stole my mother’s Avalanche, and ran it down hill in to a park. A week later they all got on a flight to send him to military school. By the time my parents made it back to their rental car, they already got a call from the school. They hadn’t even left the schools parking lot. He had tried to punch someone that was in charge of him.

Well, the other day, my mother was visiting me, and she tells me that my brother is at DAP. Ofcourse, I have no fucking clue what DAP is so I ask and she tells me that it’s the alternative school. He got sent there because drug dogs found drugs stuck between the seats in his truck.

Currently, they’re all just praying he graduates high school and hopefully moves out when he’s 18.


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