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Hinge: Collin

So I’m trying out multiple dating sites. Our first contender is from Hinge, his name is Collin, he has blonde hair and blue eyes, he is Irish Catholic and was born in Alaska but claims he is a “southern gentleman” which I don’t quite believe. He dresses like Barney from HIMYM, which gives him a couple of props but still, I’m not a big fan. He over compliments you and then acts fishy by the 4th date which is right before he leaves for a business trip in Amsterdam? Weird.

First 5 dates:

Date 1: He came over and we watched movies and drank wine. He was so awkward but dressed really nice. He then asked me to go to an actual dinner the next night.

Date 2: I forgot my mother was in town and tried canceling. Instead he invited her to join us. She declined but he brought her food back from dinner. He stayed and watched movies with us. He left and my mom found it very strange that he was so set on meeting her and hanging out with us. Weird.

Date 3: I made dinner. Set the table. Etc. Then we watched movies and he stayed the night. He lasted less than 5 minutes. I matched my bra and thong for nothing.

Date 4: We went to an improv party. His friends were nice but it was the most awkward party that I’ve ever been to considering there was no alcohol involved besides the alcohol I had prior to us going.

Date 5: He didn’t want to come over because he had a head ache. He ended up coming over and once again lasted 5 minutes. I’m embarrassed for him.


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