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Smiling Buddha Meditation: Happiness, Confidence


Promotes joy, bliss and happiness.
Balances and heals the Positive Mind.
Gives you the confidence to face and overcome challenges.
Gives you the energy to inspire and uplift others.
Helps open the Third Eye and bestows intuition and insight.
Develops mental focus and concentration.

Smiling Buddha Meditation Practice Details:

Sit with your legs crossed and back straight. You can also do this meditation sitting on a chair, but sitting cross legged is more effective for this technique.

Place both your hands in Maha Gyan Mudra. To take Maha Gyan Mudra, curl your ring finger and pinkie under your thumb, while keeping the other two finger extended upwards and straight.

Bring your hands to the side of your shoulders (about 8-12 inches away), palms facing forward. Your elbows will be bent and your index and middle finger will be pointing straight up.

Close your eyes and apply Sambhavi Mudra. To do this, turn your eyes upwards such that you are looking through the center of your forehead. Do not strain when applying this mudra. If your eyes tire, release the mudra and then re-apply it once ready.

SMILE. Don’t forget this step .
Hold this hand and eye position, then begin to mentally chant the Mantra Sa-Ta-Na-Ma continuously. Sa Ta Na Ma, is the most fundamental of Kundalini Yoga mantra. It stands for Infinity, Life, Death & Rebirth.

Throughout the meditation make a conscious effort to relax, be at ease and be positive. Allow the mantra to take over and feel great happiness, peace and joy within you as you chant silently.

To end, rub your palms together vigorously and gently place them over your eyes, allowing the warmth to sooth and comfort them.

You can start with 3 minutes and work you way up to 31 minutes.


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