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How To Throw a Dinner Party

Don’t fucking test out a new recipe. It will turn out bad and you will be ordering take out 5 minutes before everyone arrives. Trust me, I’ve been there.

Make more than you actually need. Some people will literally bring an extra person with out asking and other people can actually eat like 3 servings with out getting fat.

Play music in the fucking background, like good music. (Not too loud but enough to hear incase it gets quiet.) I’ll have a playlist for this later.

Don’t expect people to bring food, you might expect a gift of some sort but don’t expect food, it could be wine.

Be social. Don’t throw a fucking dinner party and then stand in the kitchen the whole time.

Don’t get black out at any dinner party, even your own. Trust me, it looks like you don’t actually have your shit together and that doesn’t look good.

Don’t be late. This goes to everyone who’s coming and even the hostess.

You are fucking welcome.


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