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How To Cook Something That Isn’t Ramen

Step 1: Choose a meal, any fucking meal. I don’t care what it is as long as it’s not Ramen, Mac N Cheese or anything that comes in a box or is instant honestly.

Step 2: Great, you finally chose something that isn’t for fucking poor people. So now, you need to go to your kitchen and make sure you have the right pots and pans for this.

Step 3: Do you know how to work the oven and stove? If not then figure it the fuck out because you should have been taught how to press buttons at age 3.

Step 4: Look at the recipe, look at the fucking ingredients you need, make a goddam list bitches.

Step 5: Take that fucking list and go to the grocery store. Buy shit, and buy it twice because you’ll probably fuck up the first time around. Practice makes perfect.

Step 6: Read the directions and fucking cook.

Ta Da Bitches, you can fucking cook now. You’re basically Rachel Ray now so congrats.


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