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The Two People I Hate This Week

I don’t normally do this, I usually just keep these little thoughts to myself but this time I couldn’t because it actually has something to do with my current like in my life right now.

So I started seeing this guy who’s like super mormon. And quite frankly, I thought mormons were like an urban legend. But then I started to go to church with him and meet with the missionaries and what not. So I guess they’re real people or whatever.

Anyway, he’s brought up marriage every single time we hang out. From what my thought on marriage are, future family etc. I thought this was weird considering its only been like a week or whatever.

And then he started bringing up the fact that he’s looking to get married and start a family and that he’s looking for someone that is wife material.

I already know that I am not. You know how I know this? He didn’t tell me but he did mention that is wife would not be working, she would be raising the kids and taking care of the house. That’s clearly not the life for me, other wise the law degree that I’m working on is put to a fucking waste. Like there goes $100k that my parents spent on me.

So I got curious, as to if all mormons are like this. They are. There’s even blogs dedicated to “the mormon man living in a feminist world.” The post titles are honestly just gold: Men Must Take Charge When Surrounded By Women, Pretty Girls Have To Act Mean To Keep Chumps Away, Flirt To Convert for the Red Pill Mormon, and How to Find A Good Wife. 

My personal favorite is How To Find A Good Wife, which has a description of your Marriage Market Value (MMV), and it essentially talks about dating a fat chick and making her skinny until you finally marry her where then you’ll essentially turn her in to a nympho in the bedroom. How fun.

My second favorite is when he talks about how you should avoid all “career driven women.” Here’s the paragraph from that one:

“Of course, you need to avoid all career driven girls. If you go out with a girl who does not freely talk about her desire to be a good mother, next her. If she seems more interested in her career than her dating life, next her. Career driven girls are selfish and will have little time for you, your kids, and absolutely no energy to keep up a regular sex life. Next any girl who has any career aspirations. Next any girls who hates cooking and taking care of kids. Next any girl seeking attention on social media. Next any girl who “needs to see the world” (which is really saying they will get bored with you).”


These are all on and And I kind of hate them both right now for being the epitome of whats wrong with certain men. But I have to remember, everyone has their own views and if they want a housewife then hopefully they get a housewife.

Now, I’m not saying that you can’t be a housewife but I also don’t believe that thats all women are good for. I personally think that everyone should have life skills. I’ll make a list of those another day for reference.


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