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Wealth & Prosperity Meditation Technique




Primary Benefits:

Attracts and brings to you prosperity, wealth and money.
Makes available to you the Energy of the Infinite. Please use wisely.
Attracts and brings to you gifts and blessings.
Expands and strengthens your Pranic (energetic) body.
Expands and strengthens your nervous system.
Helps you overcome deep seated fears (including fear of death) and makes you courageous.
Builds the Naval Center and abdominal muscles.

Secondary Benefits:

Opens, heals and rejuvenates the Manipura (Nabhi – Naval) Chakra.
Improves your digestive system.
Builds your willpower and strength of character.


Do Not Strain and build up the time for this meditation systematically. In doing so you will avoid creating unnecessary problems for yourself and will gracefully gain mastery over this profound meditation technique.

Hints & Tips:

I repeat, start this meditation slowly and build up your time systematically.
When you start to feel stronger and more capable of holding your breath out for extended periods of time, challenge the sense of panic that comes upon you as a result of breath deprivation. Staying calm through this period of panic will make you fearless. DO NOT TRY THIS UNTIL YOU THINK YOU ARE READY FOR IT.
Try to keep the arms as indicated and don’t give up at the first sign of discomfort. Again, don’t overdo it early in your practice, but as you progress let the mind and body know that you have the willpower and spirit to overcome their complaints.
This meditation is designed to give you a great deal of power, energy and wealth. It is provided here with the understanding that you agree not to misuse any of these blessings and agree to use them to make progress on your spiritual journey and/or use them to help others in theirs.

Prosperity Meditation Technique:

-Sit in a comfortable cross legged position. You may also sit on a chair for this meditation.
-Set your alarm or other time device for the appropriate time (start with 1 minute and build up to 11 minutes or more).
-Elongate your spine upwards, lengthen your neck and subtly bring your chin back and in, like a soldier at attention. This will align the spine with the back of your head.
-Take 5 deep, slow breaths though the nose. This will oxygenate your blood and relax you.
-Place your LEFT hand in Yoga Gyan Mudra (your INDEX finger and Thumb tips are meeting, other 3 fingers are pointing straight)
-Extend your left arm up at 60 degrees. Your palm is facing in towards you and the arm should be straight.
-Place your RIGHT hand in Yoga Surya Mudra (your RING finger and Thumb tips are meeting, other 3 finger are pointing straight)
-Bend your right arm such that your right elbow is near your lower ribs, on the right side of your body, with your forearm making a small angle at your right elbow joint. The right palm is also facing in (and will be about face level).
-Close your eyes.
-Inhale deeply, then EXHALE completely and hold your breath out.
-With your breath held out pump your stomach at a moderate pace about 1 pump / second. -Pump your stomach means to pull in your abdominal muscles powerfully towards your spine.
-With each pump silently THINK the sound HAR.
-Once your have done as many pumps as you are comfortable doing, inhale deeply, then EXHALE and repeat the cycle again. Continue for the duration of the meditation.


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