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One Step Guide To: Being a Coldhearted Bitch

Step 1: when faced with a decision, ask yourself…”what do I want to do?” That’s it. Just consider yourself first when you make all of your decisions. If done consistently, in a very short amount of time everyone will call you a coldhearted bitch behind your back (and a select few will say it to your face).


Guy: Do you want to make out right now?
You (internally): I just brushed my teeth…
You: No.
Guy: Wow don’t be such a coldhearted bitch you stupid cunt tease beer sports fart noise whipping people with wet towels

Girl: Do you want to come to my a cappella group’s performance?
You (internally): I don’t enjoy a cappella…
You: No.
Girl (behind your back): Wow that girl is such a coldhearted bitch who does that.


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