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Weight Loss Meditation




Primary Benefits:

-Sets into motion the manifestation of the intention to lose weight and burn fat.
-Sets into motion the manifestation of the intention to reshape the body.
-Sets into motion the manifestation of the intention to be healthy and fit.

Secondary Benefits:

-Establishes 3 Step Rhythmic Breathing which is optimum for the absorption of Prana (Life-force) into the Energetic body.
-Builds concentration and focus.


Remain positive no matter what. In practicing any techniques that are designed to help you manifest your desires it is important to remember that the Universe Knows Best. I recommend reading the article 4 Keys Laws for Manifesting Desires if You Absolutely Must to understand what you should be trying to manifest. Listen to your inner voice and then put your best foot forward and leave the rest up to the Universe. Even in the case of health and weight loss it is important to keep this attitude of Universe Knows Best close at heart. Do the meditation with your full reverence and energy and then just allow the Laws of Attraction and other subtle laws of the Universe to work their magic for you.

Hints & Tips:

-When doing the visualization concentrate on the light and its action on the body and allow the 3 Step Rhythmic Breathing to happen by default if possible.
-At the end really concentrate on doing the 3 Step Rhythmic Breathing and try to just relax as much as possible. It takes some time to master 3SRB so don’t worry if you can’t do it perfectly right off the bat.
-A helpful technique to do 3SRB is to count 1, 2, 3 slowly while inhaling and count 5, 6 while exhaling. We skip “4” to account for the slight pause that takes place between the inhalation and exhalations. In 3SRB the breaths just follow each other so don’t extend the pause consciously.
-3 Step Rhythmic Breathing is a very powerful technique which deserves its own article to fully explain and I will put that together in the near future and link to it here once its ready.

Guided Weight Loss Visualization Meditation:

-Set your alarm or other time device for 3 to 11 minutes. You may wish to start with 3 and then build up to 11.
-Lie on your back comfortably, close your eyes and begin 3 Step Rhythmic Breathing (3srb) as follows.
-3 Step Rhythmic Breathing (3srb): Without changing the quantity of air you normally take in, start to breathe in and out to the following rhythm. 3 seconds for the inhalation and 2 seconds for the exhalation. So 5 seconds per complete breath. This will mean you are breathing at 12 breaths per minute (down from 15-17 you normally do). In addition, have your chest and abdomen rise and fall together as you inhale and exhale respectively. 3 Step -Rhythmic Breathing is an extremely valuable tool for your spiritual advancement. In this case we are just using it to set the stage for your desires and intentions to manifest, but, just doing it starts to shift your level of awareness and being from the gross to the refined.
-Spend at least 1-2 minutes just doing 3SRB to establish the rhythm and then move forward. Your mind and body should now be relaxed and everything should be ripe to receive your intentions.
-Now while immersed in this beautiful rhythmic breath begin the visualization meditation below.
-Without animosity to the fat cells of your body (as they are a part of you), visualize a white light entering from the soles of your feet. Imagine now this light traveling up your body slowly and as it moves up it is dissolving fat deposits and reshaping those regions. –For areas where you carry excess weight spend more time. All the time keeping up 3 Step Rhythmic Breathing.
-Once the light has reached the very top of your head, inhale deeply, hold your breath and visualize your body exactly as you would like it to be. Make sure when you visualize your body shape you are also sending the message of being not just slim and trim, but, also healthy and fit.
-You may repeat the visualization meditation a few times if you like.
-Once you complete your last visualization meditation cycle, try to think of nothing and just remain silently empty, only doing the 3 Step Rhythmic Breathing.


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