My Life

Little Mormon Moments (from a bad mormon)


  • Singing hymns in the car
  • Accidentally saying ¨dear heavenly father¨ opening something or ¨in the name of jesus christ amen¨ when you end something
  • Those lessons where the teacher is tired so you just have a chill time
  • Those lessons where missionaries substitutes and it’s a playground
  • Little noises from babies and toddlers during sacrament
  • Alternatively the sacred silence during sacrament
  • That horror when you get teary-eyed at the pulpit but for some reason it feels ok too
  • Scrambling in panic for the remote when a sex scene comes on
  • Feeling that the american culture that often comes with the church infringes upon your own
  • Absolutely savoring the bread and water on a fast Sunday
  • Dawning realization that God is trying to tell/get you to do something
  • ¨Wait non-mormons do WHAT?¨
  • Wanting someone to be a member too




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