GOP Senators That Are Blocking The Health Care Bill

So the Repubs are trying to repeal some key parts to the Affordable Care Act incase you didn’t know. It doesn’t have the votes it needs to go through though. Susan Collins, Sen. of Maine, is opposing the bill. Which makes her the third republican to publicly oppose this. Her statement: “Sweeping reforms to our… Continue reading GOP Senators That Are Blocking The Health Care Bill

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Why I Don’t Follow The Word Of Wisdom

It’s not that I don’t follow everything, I just follow things differently. And honestly, it’s more shameful to look down upon others because of what they do and don’t do. I think a drink is okay. It’s actually proven to be really good for you, mainly wine. God, I love wine. Carpe Vinum. I smoke… Continue reading Why I Don’t Follow The Word Of Wisdom

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Relaxation Meditation Technique: Stress Reduction

Tools: Be alive and breathing Benefits: Primary Benefits: Promotes mental and emotional relaxation, peace and tranquility. Reduces stress. Dissolves anger and irritation. Promotes calmness and harmony. Secondary Benefits: Improves the respiratory system. Promotes health, wellbeing and longevity. Cautions: This meditation technique might turn you into a Saint, please be fore warned. Tips: -You may try… Continue reading Relaxation Meditation Technique: Stress Reduction