goals · Lifestyle

September Goals

– No needless spending
– Pay tuition fees when they come in
– Some sort of income
– Email work about reading week shift

– Stay on top of online course, work on it for sure Mondays and Wednesdays between classes
– Library 2x a week
– Make guidance appt re: possible second major
– Spend one hour a week (divided if I want) on HESI/EAQ questions

– Something active 10x
– Follow new eating plan
– Stretch daily in morning
– Stay consistent with supplements
– 3L h20 daily
– Less drinking
– Less mindless snacking
– Actually try and meal prep properly

Apartment Things
– Make bed daily
– Sweep and vacuum weekly
– Clean bathroom weekly
– Empty litter box every other day
– Dishes daily
– Tidy living room daily
– Deep clean desk and dresser

Mental/Self-love/All else
– Shower daily
– Begin practicing meditation
– Lavender tea and diffuser before bed
– Plan for week ahead Sunday nights
– Text dad every other day at least, call once a week
– Face masks and hair masks and shaving and painted toes and white strips cos they all make me feel good!!!
– Mail cards to L and W
– Utilize planner
– Clean makeup brushes weekly
– Skin care routine nightly


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