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Mormon 101: Lessons in Class

When you give a lesson in any class, please please please NEVER start it with “I’m super unprepared, but hopefully we can get through this together” or any variation of it. Do not tell them how short a time you had to prepare. Do not tell them “I hope you get something out of this” and especially don’t say “Even if no one gets something out of this, I learned a lot so it’s all good.”

NO. The surest way to make sure people tune out completely is to disqualify yourself as a teacher before you even start the lesson. You didn’t prepare? Great, then I probably won’t listen too closely. You want us to get something out of the lesson? Then don’t tell us it doesn’t matter if we do or don’t because you’re a better person. “We’ll get through it together” is such a bad way to phrase a lesson. It makes it sound like an unpleasant thing to be endured (which maybe it is for you, but your class doesn’t know that or need to know that).

This is seriously my biggest pet peeve with teachers. I love teaching the gospel, I have had many teaching callings, and I have made it my goal that no matter how prepared I am, I do my best to bring the spirit and hopefully make sure my class doesn’t know the difference.

Don’t let a lack of confidence keep you from giving wonderful lessons. Don’t tell your class that you are not confident in your message (which is what all of those statements really are).

Be upbeat and positive and I promise your class will follow suit.


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