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Relaxation Meditation Technique: Stress Reduction


Be alive and breathing


Primary Benefits:

Promotes mental and emotional relaxation, peace and tranquility.
Reduces stress.
Dissolves anger and irritation.
Promotes calmness and harmony.

Secondary Benefits:

Improves the respiratory system.
Promotes health, wellbeing and longevity.


This meditation technique might turn you into a Saint, please be fore warned.


-You may try this meditation technique with your eyes closed as well, if you find that works better for you.
-You should adjust the distance your hands are away from your chest by ensuring that when you breathe out the air is cooing the inside of your palms.

Relaxation Meditation Technique:

-Sit up in any comfortable relaxed position, preferably with the spine straight.

-Bring your gently hands into prayer pose or Namaste Yoga pose in the following way. Have your upper arms along and touching the sides of your ribs such that your elbows are near your lower ribs. Have your palms together (like in prayer) and have them 6-12 inches away from your chest. Cup your hands slightly so the palms are not touching and allow a small space between your thumbs. The thumb tips though are touching, it’s just there should be a small gap between your thumbs leading into the space between your slightly cupped palms.

-Have your eyes 1/10th open looking down.

-Take 5 long deep breaths through the nose and then move on to the next step.

-Now breathe in deeply through the nose and breathe out slowly through the mouth aiming your breath at the gap between your thumbs. As the cool air hits your thumbs and enters the space between your palms you should start to feel tremendous calm and relaxation wash over you. Anger and stress should simply start to dissolve and you should start to feel mentally and emotionally tranquil and peaceful. The cool gentle air along with the posture are the keys to the effectiveness of this simple relaxation meditation technique.

-Continue the meditation by breathing in deeply though the nose and slowly out the mouth into your hands as long as you wish or until all the anger, stress, irritation and/or tension is completely dissolved.


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