My Life

Why I Don’t Follow The Word Of Wisdom

It’s not that I don’t follow everything, I just follow things differently. And honestly, it’s more shameful to look down upon others because of what they do and don’t do.

I think a drink is okay. It’s actually proven to be really good for you, mainly wine. God, I love wine. Carpe Vinum.

I smoke cigarettes, which is obviously bad for your health. But it’s actually better than some of my previous habits. I’d rather smoke a cigarette than go back to my previous problems. Anytime I want to do the thing I shouldn’t I smoke. I’m trying to quit, but that’s none of your business anyway.

I drink coffee, it actually reverses the effects of vodka on your liver and vodka reverses the effects of coffee on your liver. So win, win.

Drugs, I actually don’t do. Personal choice from seeing friends go down that road.

Tea? I grew up in the south, that’s literally all I’ve ever had with lunch and dinner. I mean have you sat on a wrap around front porch in a rocking chair drinking sweet tea while the sun is setting? Well, you fucking should.

Finally, I’m here for a good time, not a long time. Just know I love my Lord and my Savior and the Holy Ghost. And stop judging me.


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