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Baptisms & Hitler

Lots of people get pissed about the LDS church performing a posthumous baptism for Adolph Hitler. I think the reason people get mad about that is because they confuse it with things like Catholic baptism, which gives you essentially a free pass to heaven. To be clear, LDS baptism does not Grant you access to LDS heaven; LDS baptism makes you responsible in the eyes of God for your sins.

What’s also interesting is that the LDS have three heavens and one hell. The top heaven is for charitable people (you can actually go up a heaven after death). The second heaven is for decent people. And the third heaven is for assholes. Now you may be wondering why the assholes get a heaven. Well, in these heavens you’re forced to be surrounded by people just like you.

The LDS also have a hell but the only way to get in is to consciously commit acts you yourself know are evil. The only people that are ABSOLUTELY going there are Satan and Cain.


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