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Weight Loss

First thing is knowing your body type, and what your body feeds off of. One of my client’s body is a mesomorph, it means that he has a small body but it can also grow to be very muscular and large, so he can handle a lot more carbs and protein.

For everyone to recognize, CARBS IS NOT THE ENEMY. I have been studying this for a while. Meaning for about 7 years. The reason why most of my clients gain so much weight is because of a few simple things. Animal products. Yup. Animal products. With this a lot of them had to turn to vegan or vegetarian (with occasional meat like how people occasionally celebrate with alcohol (unless you’re me)) and lost about 5 pounds. And I mean pretty healthy foods. However, I am not some tyrant about eating. Like, I’ll let them eat Oreo cookies and chips sometimes but the goal is to know when to stop. My other client is a endomorph, meaning he can gain weight faster than he uses (in more simple terms he’s thicc). Besides that point, his body can’t go long without meat.

Simple things to know if you want to lose weight but don’t want to exercise:

* Drink water everyday, all day. The human body is suppose to drink about a gallon of water a day. In fact, the body will confuse thirst with hunger. So always drink water. Not only that, it flushes all of the bad bacteria out.

* Diet plays a very important role in your weight lose. Sugar is the devil. Sugar is seven times more addictive than cocaine. So yeah, cut down the sugar intake. Sugar causes most of the fat on your body.

* Meat and dairy have a lot of fat in them. Bad fats. Cut it down or don’t eat it at all.

*You can still eat deserts. Homemade deserts are the best. (Especially if you make it with whiskey icing so you can get drunk too).

Good Luck, Much Love!!


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