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Advanced Kundalini Yoga

This powerful kundalini yoga pranayama can be added to the beginning of any Kundalini Yoga Kriya. It is a good way to get your sadhana (spiritual practice) started.


Creates the energy necessary to stimulate and awaken Kundalini Shakti. Leading her to rise up the shushumna.
Develops your lung capacity and respiratory systems.
Strengthens and opens up your shoulders and arms.
Builds willpower and concentration.


This meditation technique requires you to be familiar with the prana and apana vayus. Attending to your inhalation can help you understand prana vayu and attending to the bodily forces that push downwards (excretion, etc) can help familiarize you with apana vayu.
You can also adopt the practice of the following variation of Mula Bandha, where you only contact and release the rectum muscle. In this case you are learning to turn apana vayu upwards and gain familiarity with it. You can practice applying and releasing mula bandha at any time during your sadhana or otherwise.
You can practice with your hands down as well initially to develop other aspects of this meditative technique.


a. Instructions for practicing Yoga Technique to Awaken Kundalini:

Sit in any comfortable cross legged posture. You can sit on a chair if necessary. Keep your back and spine straight, and chin pulled back and tucked in slightly like a soldier at attention (variation of Jalandhara Bandha or neck lock)

As illustrated above, raise your arms up to shoulder level. Bend the elbows up at 90 degrees and then have the palms facing backwards, again making a ninety degree angle with your wrists. The fingers are all extended.

Inhale deeply and hold your breath in (Antar Kumbhaka). Keep the breath held in and relax your stomach. Now visualize prana vayu (wind) moving downward towards the solar plexus, while apana vayu moving up towards the solar plexus. Visualize them mixing in that region, while keeping your breath held in during this time. Do not over strain, and release your breath when required.

After exhaling, inhale again and repeat the visualization. Continue this process for 3 rounds. Each round being one breath cycle (inhale – hold – visualize – exhale).

After you complete your last cycle. Inhale, then exhale completely and with your breath held out apply root lock (mulabandha) for as long as you can. Root lock is the pulling up and in of the rectum, sex organ and lower abdominal muscles all at the same time.

Start with 3 rounds and build up from there. You can build upto 11 rounds or more.




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