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Saudi Prince Suggests Iran Committed ‘Act of War’

Heir to Saudi Arabia’s throne, Mohammed bin Salman, is accusing Iran of supplying missiles to rebels in Yemen. Which would be a direct military aggression and act of war. This fucking accusation came after Saudi air forces prevented a ballistic missile on Saturday that was apparently fired to the Riyadh, the capital.

Yemen has been in the middle of civil war since like 2015 but at this point everyones finally getting their civil wars out of the way. I mean American just got ours out of the way in 1865, which is just barely over a hundred years, so no fucking shit other countries are going to follow this pattern. Except now we have nuclear and missiles and what not.

But basically, if Iran did give the missiles to Yemen rebels, it’s going to makes things super hostile between them and Arabia, not that everyone isn’t still pissed at Iran for one reason or another.

Iran did deny that they had nothing to do with the missile, but men who are leaders tend to let the power get tot hem and think everyones against them. So this could honestly go either way at this point and either be true or not. But still it’s going to end badly more than likely with the way society works all over the world.

Good luck to my friends in Saudi, Yemen and Iran!



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