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10 Tips For Responding to “Anti-Mormon” Posts

1. Before you react, ask yourself “Are they attacking me, or are they attacking a belief?” 2. If they are attacking you, walk away.Turn off anon, block the exmo tags (for those decent enough to tag it), just ignore it, whatever you have to do. You don’t owe them an explanation. 3. If they are… Continue reading 10 Tips For Responding to “Anti-Mormon” Posts

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Crown Chakra Meditation Technique

Benefits: -Experience of Bliss. -Detachment from the mundane and material world. -Experience of Oneness and Divine Consciousness. -Connection and guidance from within. -Access to the energy of beyond. Cautions: -Do not overdo this meditation. If you start to feel too spaced out or really out of touch with reality, back off this meditation and spend… Continue reading Crown Chakra Meditation Technique


GOP Senators That Are Blocking The Health Care Bill

So the Repubs are trying to repeal some key parts to the Affordable Care Act incase you didn’t know. It doesn’t have the votes it needs to go through though. Susan Collins, Sen. of Maine, is opposing the bill. Which makes her the third republican to publicly oppose this. Her statement: “Sweeping reforms to our… Continue reading GOP Senators That Are Blocking The Health Care Bill