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Advice: Growing Your Hair

Brush with a wide-toothed comb and tie it up with soft ties that don’t snag Brush your hair from the ends up If you hear a ‘tearing’ sound, that’s your hair breaking, so try to avoid it Hair is most fragile when wet Avoid bleach and perms Avoid heat-styling, and use the hair dryer on… Continue reading Advice: Growing Your Hair

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1980’s Glam Make Up

Her perfectly tousled 1980’s supermodel hair inspired me to do some cool-toned glamour. The thick brushed-up brows, matte eyeshadow and cool pink shades have an eighties vibe but rather than reference Vogue’s covers from this era (which mostly featured shiny lips), I went for a matte lipstick. Note: This was the perfect look to try… Continue reading 1980’s Glam Make Up

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Incorporating Heels in to Your Wardrobe

Firstly, invest in at least one good, nice, neutral pair of heels, like Jimmy Choo nice. Not every pair of heels needs to be this nice but at least in nude or black, so it’ll go with everything. Once you get into the $500 shoe stratosphere you can feel the difference. Practice. The higher and skinnier… Continue reading Incorporating Heels in to Your Wardrobe