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12 Party Planning Tips

Scale the guest list to your space. Too many people make for a noisy, uncomfortable party where guests can’t get food or drink and have to claw their way to the bathroom. Better to invite fewer people; use seating and lighting to create the illusion of a more intimate space, so guests don’t feel they’re… Continue reading 12 Party Planning Tips

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Advice for Throwing the Best Party Ever

Paper invites vs. digital invites While the eternal debate between “real” paper invites and more common digital invites rages on, it seems like a best of both worlds approach might be the best way to get the word out about your party. On how to keep your guests from sweating: “Turn on the air conditioner… Continue reading Advice for Throwing the Best Party Ever

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Dinner Party Tips

DRINKS More wine than needed: This might be terrible but to think that having each friend bring a bottle of wine was the best way to outsource dinner party schlepping. Get sparkling wine in everyone’s hand as soon as they walk in the door. It’s always a celebration when we manage recreational adult human interaction!… Continue reading Dinner Party Tips

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DIY: Jingle Bell Ornaments

Supplies: jingle bells (about 50 per wreath depending on size) wire (I used 26 gauge florist wire) ribbon (about 12″ length per wreath) needle-nose pliers wire cutters scissors How To: To start with, cut a 16″ length of wire and loop back one end about 1″. Using the needle-nose pliers, wrap the end around until… Continue reading DIY: Jingle Bell Ornaments