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10 Tips For Responding to “Anti-Mormon” Posts

1. Before you react, ask yourself “Are they attacking me, or are they attacking a belief?” 2. If they are attacking you, walk away.Turn off anon, block the exmo tags (for those decent enough to tag it), just ignore it, whatever you have to do. You don’t owe them an explanation. 3. If they are… Continue reading 10 Tips For Responding to “Anti-Mormon” Posts


Advice For College Freshmen:

Tolkien your essays; Hemingway your emails Essays are tangents and rabbit holes and diversions, woven together with lots of unnecessary descriptive words to demonstrate a proficient understanding of a subject you were meant to research in more depth but did not, in place of other pursuits, or could not, because you chose your subject poorly,… Continue reading Advice For College Freshmen:

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One Step Guide To: Being a Coldhearted Bitch

Step 1: when faced with a decision, ask yourself…”what do I want to do?” That’s it. Just consider yourself first when you make all of your decisions. If done consistently, in a very short amount of time everyone will call you a coldhearted bitch behind your back (and a select few will say it to… Continue reading One Step Guide To: Being a Coldhearted Bitch