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One Step Guide To: Being a Coldhearted Bitch

Step 1: when faced with a decision, ask yourself…”what do I want to do?” That’s it. Just consider yourself first when you make all of your decisions. If done consistently, in a very short amount of time everyone will call you a coldhearted bitch behind your back (and a select few will say it to… Continue reading One Step Guide To: Being a Coldhearted Bitch

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How To Throw a Dinner Party

Don’t fucking test out a new recipe. It will turn out bad and you will be ordering take out 5 minutes before everyone arrives. Trust me, I’ve been there. Make more than you actually need. Some people will literally bring an extra person with out asking and other people can actually eat like 3 servings… Continue reading How To Throw a Dinner Party

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Tips to Boost Your Metabolism

Need a boost? Here’s some tips to make sure you’re metabolism is functioning properly. 1) Vitamins Niacin, Vitamin B-6, and Iron helps boost your metabolism by assisting the production of L-carnitine, an amino acid that helps promote fat-burning. 2) Be sure to eat a healthy breakfast, what you eat determines the rest of your day.… Continue reading Tips to Boost Your Metabolism

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12 Party Planning Tips

Scale the guest list to your space. Too many people make for a noisy, uncomfortable party where guests can’t get food or drink and have to claw their way to the bathroom. Better to invite fewer people; use seating and lighting to create the illusion of a more intimate space, so guests don’t feel they’re… Continue reading 12 Party Planning Tips

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Put In Some Goddamn Effort.

There are going to be times in your life when you’re gonna have to put in some goddamn effort. Nothing’s going to get better if you don’t try. All the people I know who don’t try lead incredibly stagnant lives and they’re bored. They’re bored all the goddamn time because it’s the same shit over… Continue reading Put In Some Goddamn Effort.

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It’s OK To Wear Makeup To The Gym

Who would have thought that so many girls would be looked at negatively for wearing makeup to the gym. People always seem to have snarky remarks about the girls who walk into the gym with a full face of makeup on. I was one of these girls for years. I would wake up every morning… Continue reading It’s OK To Wear Makeup To The Gym