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DIY: Piña Colada Mini Soaps

Materials: Coconut Milk Soap Base Pineapple Fragrance Oil Metallic Gold Soap Colorant Lime Green Soap Colorant Pineapple Silicone Mold How To: For these mini pineapple soaps, I used about 1/2 lb. of the soap base in a Pyrex measuring cup, and added 5 drops of pineapple fragrance and 1 block of gold soap colorant. I… Continue reading DIY: Piña Colada Mini Soaps

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Piña Colada Sugar Scrub

Materials: 1 cup White Sugar 1/2 cup Organic Coconut Oil Pineapple Fragrance Oil Yellow Food Coloring (optional) How To: Start by coloring your sugar, if desired. It only takes a TINY bit of food coloring! Remember, once you add the coconut oil, the color will appear darker and more saturated than the sugar does. For… Continue reading Piña Colada Sugar Scrub

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DIY: Sharpie Dot Flower Pot

Supplies needed: white, ceramic flower pots – found these at the craft store letter stickers oil-based Sharpie(s) optional: rubbing alcohol optional: cotton swabs How To: Place the letter stickers on your pot to spell a name or word. You could use some fun shape stickers for this part as well! Use your Sharpie to make… Continue reading DIY: Sharpie Dot Flower Pot