Writers FAQ’s & Bios

  I started this blog when I was 13 and have constantly changed the name until the last two years where I kept it at Open Bar Politics. The name just stuck, politics and lifestyle choices seem to go hand in hand but they don’t define who we are, but the people who continue to read and continue to grow with me through this are just like me, believers in alcohol, drinking to remember and to forget, and hoping every place we go to has an Open Bar.


Taylore Rowland:

  The above paragraph plus more. I’m cute but psycho. Sometimes I teach yoga and do healthy shit. I grew up in a family where half was on the left and the other half was on the right. They also like to drink as much as I do. I’ve been married and divorced. And I didn’t get a sense of humor until after I married him. I get advice from homeless people and Uber drivers. I drink a lot and I’m going to be your president in 2032.

instagram/twitter/snapchat: @taylorerowland


Anthony Meyers:

He hasn’t given me his bio yet. So I’m making one up for him. He’s in his 40’s with a daughter a little bit younger than me. He likes to drink too, but not as strong as my drinks. He’s also conservative.