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Why I Don’t Follow The Word Of Wisdom

It’s not that I don’t follow everything, I just follow things differently. And honestly, it’s more shameful to look down upon others because of what they do and don’t do. I think a drink is okay. It’s actually proven to be really good for you, mainly wine. God, I love wine. Carpe Vinum. I smoke… Continue reading Why I Don’t Follow The Word Of Wisdom

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Relaxation Meditation Technique: Stress Reduction

Tools: Be alive and breathing Benefits: Primary Benefits: Promotes mental and emotional relaxation, peace and tranquility. Reduces stress. Dissolves anger and irritation. Promotes calmness and harmony. Secondary Benefits: Improves the respiratory system. Promotes health, wellbeing and longevity. Cautions: This meditation technique might turn you into a Saint, please be fore warned. Tips: -You may try… Continue reading Relaxation Meditation Technique: Stress Reduction